8 things to ask and NOT to ask your wedding cake maker - by industry experts- i.e Us

                           Huge congratulations on your engagement and organising your big day!!!


With everything else needing organising when it comes to wedding cakes you may be a little overwhelmed. So we have broken it down into 8 things you should and SHOULDN'T ask your wedding cake maker from within the industry.  We are asked and always willing to answer questions with complete sincerity but sometimes there are questions that really wind us up. Not because they are silly but because they're questions the bride/groom have read in a glossy wedding publication from a journalist that has absolutely has no idea on what to ask and will get your wedding cake maker's backup. Trust us we know, there are some questions we shudder at its cringeworthiness!!!


1- Always ask to see the wedding cake maker's portfolio.

Yes you should definitely should ask this question and there should be a variety of techniques and different levels of sugarcraft within the designs to ensure you that what you have picked as a design they are capable of excetuting it to perfection. If the photos all look the same then you may need to do a little bit more research on your proposed wedding cake maker. Check out the business facebook page for latest design or  latest cakes they may have done or on Instagram. See how long they have been in business.


2- Do you provide cake tastings?

Every cake maker should absolutely do this, if they don't then I would question why. Surely you are entitled to taste the cakes  before your big day. Plus with some wedding cake makers like us, having a long list of wedding cake flavours, how will you know to narrow down on the flavours that you would like for your wedding cake.



3- How long they have been in business?

This is important as it will tell you the number of years they have experience in weddings. Wedding cakes generally are very stressful process up until they are in safely in place at the venue so it is good to know that the wedding cake maker can handle the stress and will be able to cope with any extra stress from anything going wrong. We do over 80 weddings a year and with 15 years under our belt we can safely say we have seen it all. There has been plenty of times we have been called out as emergency from venues because the inexperience wedding cake maker cannot or will not come out to fix any issues such as collapsed cakes and surely you have seen the horrific replicates on cake wreck as proof!!!!!.


4-Make sure the cake maker asks what time they will need to be at the venue.

Normal rule of thumb, they should arrive 2 hours before the reception starts, this will give them time to put the cake in place and adjust or fix any minor issues. They should not be seen by your guests especially in aprons full of white icing.


5- how far in advance will the cake be baked for the wedding.

Generally sponge cakes should be made on the week of the wedding but not too close to the delivery date, as wedding cakes need to set, then need to be covered and enough time to decorate. Fruit cakes however taste better the longer they have been maturing and should have at least 3 months of being "fed" alcohol periodically.


6- DO NOT ask for a discount

Being a small business we are often asked if we can move on the price. Time, dedication and expertise go into every cake and if you would like for a complete service for your wedding cake, then please don't ask for a discount as what will happen is that the wedding cake maker will look for ways to cut corners to cut down on their prices. Remember the price of ingredients/electricity/water have been raising for example: butter which has doubled in 18 months. Just because it being made in a home kitchen doesn't mean they don't have overheads. You need to pay for their time and expertise and it's a little disheartening when someone asks for a discount, as a cake maker it makes them feel uneasy and question their worth.


7-DO NOT contact them at all hours of the night and expect immediate response.

With technology being more and more accessible and the likes of Whatsapp, you might be tempted to send them a quick text and keep a watchful eye on when it was received and read and expect and instant response. If it is outside their business hours, remember they too have family commitments and need to switch off from the business or perhaps are working late on the wedding cake that is to be delivered the following morning so might read the message but not necessarily have the time to respond.


8- Do ask what the final price

This is important so you are aware of any hidden costs. It should be straight forward and should be made aware during the wedding consultation.


Hope this will help with your wedding planning and create stress-free organising.