Difference between Buttercream, Semi naked and naked cakes


So you have an idea for your wedding cake but don't quite know the terminology, let me break it down for you in this blog.

Buttercream/ semi-naked and naked cakes have become very popular in recent years and there is still a high demand for them and for anyone that hates fondant a really good alternative.


Buttercream cakes, are those like in the photos below, there are layers of buttercream around the cake tiers which allows for the cake to be completely hidden inside the buttercream. Most of the buttercream cakes take 3 to 4 layers of buttercream coating for it to be completely covered with no signs of the cake coming through.

These are some of the examples of buttercream cakes we have previously made. They can be decorated how you would like with the exception of keeping it food safe (especially when using wildflowers or fresh flowers) you can however use alternative items to decorate such as biscuits, macarons, sugar flowers, chocolates, fruit the possibilities are endless and just need a tad of imagination.


Semi-Naked Cakes

These gorgeous really popular cakes, is where the cake is covered in a single thin layer of buttercream. There are two really good reasons to do this, the first is that it will lock in the freshness of the cakes from the day they were baked and buttercream and the second reason is that these cakes look really rustic and beautifully simple.

here are some of the semi-naked examples


Naked cakes

Not as popular as they were a few years ago but sitting at a venue looking pretty from the morning when it has been set up until the cake gets cut in the evening, might dry it out a little too much dependent on weather conditions/ aircon and generally the number of the people breathing in the same room as the cake. All these factors have a detrimental impact on the cake.

Neithertheless, they are still beautiful and very suiting for a rustic wedding.