Should I let my mum/mother-in-law/friend make my wedding cake?

This is the question on some bride and groom's mind but is it a good idea?

In this blog we explore reasons for allowing or for maybe thinking twice in letting your beloved parent(s) loose in the kitchen with your wedding cake.

If you mum/MIL(mother-in-Law)/friend makes regularly cakes perhaps it might be worth asking how confident he/she would feel in making your wedding cake if he/she offers. This is very important because If he/she hasn't volunteered then be cautious in putting that sort of responsibility and pressure on them by asking them to do your wedding cake.

Wedding cakes take alot of planning, sketching, baking and decorating. For parents that don't regularly bake, there will many practice runs to ensure that the cakes are baked correctly for the wedding which will incur costs. I know it's great to try and save a few pennies by allowing a family member to bake your cake, but when you look closely,  how much money is actually spent on these dry runs and buying the materials like cake tins, ingredients, you will soon noticed that in comparison to allowing a local professional wedding cake maker to do it for you and removing all that stress it's actually not that much of a save.

Another good point to consider is, to ensure that the person(family member/friend) that is responsible in making your wedding cake has the exact amount of ingredients and tools that they need to bake and decorate the wedding cake. The last thing they want to be doing in the eve of the wedding, is making a dash in the middle of the night, to the 24 hour supermarket to get a few bags of icing sugar because their are short of icing sugar for the buttercream.

Have you thought about delivery and set up? This too needs to be taken into account, if mum/mother-in-law/friend is making the cake, how will they transport the cake to the reception venue? have they worked out timings and logistics such as where they will get changed into their wedding attire once the cake is in place?

Another important point to really think about is, what if something goes wrong during delivery or setup? will that person have enough experience/tools/time to fix the issue?

You will also need to check venue's policies as most venues will expect  all catering including professional wedding cake makers to have Food Hygiene Certificate, high level of Public Liability insurance and to be working from a kitchen certified by the local Food Standards Agency. So you need to check your Terms and Conditions to see whether they will allow and serve your homemade wedding cake.

So this is really a personal choice but if you mum/MIL/friend has never made a celebration cake, then investing on a wedding cake professional to make your cake will be the best stressfree solution and the best money you have invested in your wedding.