Wanna flip the best pancakes? Check out our simple to use recipe

You can not go wrong with this pancake recipe even, It's foolproof and totally delicious.

It's so good that my family tricked me into making pancakes that was not on Shrove Tuesday. Yes my family thought it would be funny, if they fooled me, a week before so that they can get two lots of delicious pancakes.

This recipe is super easy and only needs 4 simple ingredients that you most likely have in your cupboard and fridge. This will taste miles better than the ready made pancake mixes you can buy and the kids will forever love you for it.


100g plain flour
300ml milk
2 eggs

oil(to brush the pan with)

Measuring jug,
egg beater,
frying pan



1- Measure out the milk, add the eggs and beat together with the egg beater. Gradually add the flour a bit at a time until its all in the wet ingredients.

2- put the frying pan on the hob, switch it on and brush the frying pan with a little bit of oil. You can use any oil you like, either sunflower oil/ vegetable oil/ coconut oil.

3- once the pan is hot, wave your hand above the frying pan, if you feel the heat, it's ready for you to pour the pancake mixture.

4- Pour enough mixture to cover half the pan, then move the pan around so that the pancake mixture covers the entire bottom of the pan.

5- put the pan back on the hob and let that side of the pancake cook, allow 3/4 minutes, using a spatula check it, if it's beginning to look toasty, its time to flip it over. Allow to cook for a further 3 or so minutes and then flip again making sure both sides are cooked.

There you have it. Serve it with whatever you like. Fruit, chocolate spread, sugar and lemon or sugar and cinnamon.

In my house, my daughter adores to put ice cream and sprinkles(yes I know, not sure where she got this idea from). My son on the other hand coats the pancake with GU halzenut chocolate spread, toppedwith more chocolate once rolled.


Photo credit: Liza De Azevedo