Delicious cake flavours

Classic vanilla bean

A classic vanilla sponge, finished with a light and fluffy vanilla bean buttercream and strawberry or raspberry preserve.


Moist,light Belgium chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate buttercream.

Luscious Lemon

Luxuriously moist and refreshing lemon cake, with lemon syrup and a lemon curd buttercream.

Red Velvet

Beautiful deep red chocolate made with buttermilk to make it very light and moist finished with a cream cheese frosting, just yum.

Carrot and walnut cake

Our signature bake, delicious carrot cake with added walnuts, sultanas and coconut with hints of cinnamon filled with fresh orange buttercream. This makes a great alternative to a traditional boozy fruit cake.

Traditional Rich Fruit Cake

A beautifully rich,boozy and moist cake, packed with fruit including dried dates, prunes, raisins, sultanas and apricots, that have been soaked in brandy for a few days to absorb the alcohol. The cake is left to mature soaked in Cognac.

Honey, Walnut and Pear

 A light and moist cake with fresh pears caramelised in honey, filled with honey cream cheese.

Maple and Pecan

Another very moist, light cake sweetened with Canadian maple syrup and generous sprinkles of pecan nuts with fluffy and light, maple syrup buttercream.

Mocha chocca

One for coffee lovers, delicious,moist chocolate cake soaked with an fresh brewed espresso and filled with fluffy chocolate buttercream.

Banana butterscotch

 Packed with fresh bananas and walnuts and soaked in freshly made butterscotch glaze, filled with fluffy and light vanilla bean buttercream.

Lime and coconut

Luxurious,refreshing and moist cake baked in coconut cream for extra flavour and filled with lime and coconut buttercream. Simply delicious.

Cherry and almond

Delicious combination of cherry and almond is just totally divine. Like a cherry and almond tart, this delicious cake version is just the perfect choice for a summer wedding when fresh cherries are in season.


Delicious and luxurious fluffy yet moist cake with generous sprinkles of fresh pistachio nuts, drizzled in pistachio glaze and served with vanilla bean buttercream.


Combination of belgium chocolate and vanilla bean cake full of flavour and very moist, the best of both worlds finished with vanilla and chocolate buttercream which will be light and fluffy.

Almond,yogurt and orange/lemon                            

Summery and very fluffy cake baked with organic plain yogurt, flavoured with either fresh orange or fresh lemon(your choice) filled with complimenting orange or lemon buttercream.